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Ditch your FMO. My Client Hit $20 Million In Annuity Production Without Them.
How To Get Hundreds Of Brand New Leads And Jam-Pack Your Seminars Only By Using Simple Facebook Ads?
Hire me and all you have to do is just show up!
I Spent $107,332.07 in Facebook Ads For Financial Professionals & Discovered The Following:
  • 12 Days Out Is The Sweet Spot To Start Promoting Your Seminars. Not too early that people would completely forget about signing up but it also gives me enough time to pack your event.
  • $20M in Production Using Only One SPECIFIC Facebook Targeting Demographic. These are women over 50, who make at least $70,000 per year, are homeowners, have no school-aged children at home, and net worth of over $100,000. This audience is a GOLDMINE.
  • My #1 Facebook Go-To Marketing Strategy: The 4-Step Secret Video Ad Funnel.  (Step 1) First, cast the net wide and run a Video Ad WITHOUT promoting a thing. Cartoon videos of financial metaphors are the bomb. (Step 2) Then, run another content video ad to people who watched your first video at least 75%. (Step 3) After that, use "Custom Audiences" to collect people who watched 75% of your first video and 95% of your 2nd video. (Step 4) Finally, setup a conversion ad to promote your event or to book an appointment for those really HOT leads who engaged with your videos. Your CPL (cost per lead) for events should be around $16-$22 and around $8-$11 for lead gen campaigns.  If not, gimme a call and I'll fix it.

Who Is Francis Bautista?

Francis Bautista is a Social Media Advertising Expert certified by Facebook. He is also a Digital Marketing Consultant who specializes in helping small business owners around the world with their social media marketing.
Hey, it's Francis Here!
I'm a Facebook Certified Marketing Expert & Social Media Consultant, and I would LOVE to help you grow your business using Facebook Ads. Meet just a few of my clients below and I look forward to helping you out as well!
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